Counseling Services

Who Listens To You
Counseling is of great value to individuals, couples, & families who need assistance in managing the stresses of daily living.

Brief professional consultations of a private and personal nature are often sufficient to reduce stress, to increase understanding, to facilitate important life decisions, and to support high-quality individual and family health. Many of the clients at Meers Inc. are high performers who seek consultation in an attempt to assess and optimize their levels of performance and satisfaction in life.  Please review the services Meers Inc. offers below.  For more information, please call us at 614-451-0176.  Our friendly staff can help you decide what type of consultation might be right for you, your family, or your company.

  • Academic Counseling & Assessment
  • Children & Family Counseling
  • Executive & Professional Counseling
  • Telephone Consultations
  • Adoption Consultation Services
  • Pre-Adoption Assessment
  • Individual Counseling & Psychotherapy
  • Couple & Marital Counseling
  • Family Counseling & Communication Training
  • Premarital Counseling
  • Divorce Counseling & Mediation
  • Group Counseling
  • Psychological Testing
  • Sexual Enrichment Counseling
  • Pain Management
  • Grief & Loss Counseling
  • Emotional Control
  • Wellness Information & Services
  • Weight Reduction & Management
  • Bariatric Surgery Psychological Consultation
  • ADD/ADHD Evaluations
  • ADD/ADHD Coaching for Children & Adults
  • Educational Testing
  • Educational Classes
  • Parenting Training & Consultation
  • Parent Educational Classes
  • Balancing Career & Family
  • Stress Reduction & Counseling
  • Addiction Assessment
  • Treatment of Eating Disorders
  • Personal & Spiritual Growth Counseling