Our Classes

The Happiness Class
“The Happiness Class”  In this entertaining and educational 4-session class led by Robert Gore, PhD, participants will receive valuable information that can enable them to live happier and more fulfilled lives.  
Divorce Class
Surviving Divorce.  During four free and informative sessions, Richard Fetter, LISW-S will help you to understand divorce as a process of adjustment and learn to see the choices and tools you will come upon on your voyage toward being single again.
Do you have Arachnophobia?  Please join Robert Gore, PhD as he examines the causes behind our fear of spiders and presents treatments available to reduce, and even eliminate, our fear.  Don’t miss out on this entertaining and educational FREE class.  Call 614.451.0176 to register.
Anger Management
“Building Anger Management Skills” is an 8-week class led by Robert Gore, PhD.  Participants will learn about the causes of anger and will develop distress tolerance skills.  Individual therapy options also available.