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Welcome to Meers Inc.  We are a family practice of psychology based in Columbus, Ohio with an emphasis on consultative, wellness, and psycho-educational approaches for all ages.
Who Listens to You

Who Listens to You?

When was the last time that you “had a good listening to?” At Meers Inc. Consulting Psychologists we realize how important it is to be a compassionate, objective, and professional listener. We look forward to having a good listening to with you.

First Steps

First Steps

There are many questions to consider before you seek counseling. It is important to learn about your psychologist’s style and areas of expertise, if you can use your medical insurance, and more.

Learn more about taking the first step.


Read Our Articles

As a free service to those who visit our website, we post articles written by our psychologists. These address a variety of psychological topics, offer practical information, and serve as introductions to our staff members.


Self-Rating Depression Scale: Download our self-rating depression scale.